Stefano Valore

di Villanueva de Castellòn

Stefano Valore di Villanueva de Castellòn (Rome, 1970), is an entrepreneur. Founder of SiliconDev, a leading Italian group in the world of digital transformation, publishing, press and communication.

Who am i

Stefano Valore di Villanueva de Castellòn is an entrepreneur in the ICT sector , Hi-Tech and Cyber.

Roman, 53, Claudia’s dad, he founded the Italian group SiliconDev in the early two thousands’. Its turnover has reached 35 million, and by now the company has established itself as an important leader in the world of Digital Transformation, Publishing, Press and Communication.

SiliconDev has embarked on an exciting project with the press agency Dire who acquired the company, which is also affiliated with the Presidency of Council of Ministers. Together they have also expanded their Business Technology into certified production of news in real time, breaking into new frontiers . Thus they have taken the centre stage with their great transformations in the international scenario.

In fact, Valore has a personal entrepreneurial style which is both courageous and enterprising and he has always left the door open to the future. Moreover, he has always welcomed fresh challenges , through the never ending experimentation of new solutions in avant garde technologies ever since his breakthrough as an entrepreneur.


Stefano Valore di Villanueva de Castellòn had his first experience in this field in 1983 as a programmer C/Assembler for various Chipsets like Motorola, Intel, IBM and dealt with Anti Virus, Graphic Engines , Video Games and Network Security


In 1988 he collaborated with leading industrial companies, namely:

  • Alitalia
  • Tirrenia Assicurazioni
  • Enel
  • ICE
  • IBM
  • Banca D’Italia


In 1991 he took on the direction of the Data Elaboration Centre of the Central Military Region as Reserve Officer with the rank of Lieutenant in the Signal Corps. Later on he planned and developed software for the management of credit recovery for important Italian clients.


1994 was the year of his debut at Telecom Italia with the Startup of GSM Italia , where he was in charge of commissioning the Data Post Processing System and the integration of Billing systems , Research for the Judiciary and the acquisition of Roaming traffic.

From this point on his career took off and he took on ever more senior positions , such as at Gruppo Stet where he was in charge of the startup of GSM Grecia and the planning and development of Arrears, Anti-Fraud, Analysis of Traffic and Accountancy systems.

1997 - 2002

In 1997 he joined the Gruppo of Elite Performance and Tuning in collaboration with the newly founded TIM Telecom Italia Mobile Italia and branches in Turkey, Argentina and Brasil. He subsequently coordinated and advised on the planning and development of Customer Care systems in the area of Number Portability as well as Information Systems for Dealers and their production exercisability ,staying at the company until 2002.


2003 saw the arrival of the “ Pole Star “ of his entrepreneurial career : he founded SiliconDev and subsequently Silicondev Security, Silicondev Technology, SiliconDev Communication and SiliconDev Solutions .These companies have hundreds of ICT engineers and technicians who are specialized in guaranteeing a vast range of daily services in Information Technology.

He branched out from the area of security to the production of Device hardware, and specialized sensor technology, software solutions, guaranteeing a network of connections and partnerships with leaders in industry and institutions.


In March 2022 he became the publisher for the National Press Agency Dire, the historical newspaper for national mass communications, and has exploited the potential of the agency with revolutionary cutting-edge technology reaching the highest levels in the avant-garde technological news world. This is characterized by high speed, authenticity, innovation, features which are already part of Valore’s own personal entrepreneurial style, and which make all the difference in delivering an optimal quality service in news publishing and broadcasts.


Ever since early childhood Stefano Valore di Villanueva de Castellòn has had a thirst for data, numbers, sums and ICT , which were his daily bread and a passion just as much as it was schoolwork. It is thanks to his notable bent in these subjects that he has received many prizes and awards.

Following his high school diploma in programming and accountancy, he obtained an honorary degree in Computer Science with Honours and even today he still works on research, planning and implementation of software within the scope of the Gruppo SiliconDev’s projects, which require continuous updating and optimization.

Thanks to his distinguished curriculum vitae , Valore has been added to many honours lists and received numerous awards:

  • Sovrano Ordine di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme Cavalieri di Malta
  • Reale Ordine Dinastico Cavalieri di San Giovanni
  • Cavalieri di San Silvestro Papa
  • Sovrano Ordine Militare ed Ospedaliero di San Lazzaro
  • Sovrano Ordine Militare Costantiniano di San Giorgio e Chios
  • Ordine Equestre di San Giorgio di Borgogna
  • Casa Granducale Medicea di Toscana
  • The Constantinian University

Thanks to his distinguished curriculum vitae , Valore has been added to many honours lists and received numerous awards:

  • Premio Internazionale Imprenditore nel settore ICT
  • Premio Internazionale Grandi Imprenditori tra Comunicazione e Tecnologia


For he who has made innovation the life and soul of his career, he couldn’t but have a passion for speed on the circuit.

Valore di Villanueva de Castellòn’s youthful passion for cars and motorbikes ranges from races to car mechanics and the restoration of classic cars which he manages to find time for despite his full schedule .He is also keen on video games and the production of electronic music.

He believes that there cannot be innovation without inspiration and creativity.

Moreover, he believes in spotting and exploiting potential talents, enthusiasm and achievements in the young, whereby encouraging and helping them to realize their ambitions.

This is the philosophy that he brings to his companies and encourages others to join him.

Lastly, he loves good wine, his house immersed in the Roman countryside and the nearby seaside!



Rome, Italy

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